Help Protect Library Funding!!

We need your help in protecting your local property taxes that provide the majority of funding for the Alameda County Library. The State Legislature is currently considering pulling the trigger on Prop 1A as a part of the solution to the current budget crisis. If this happens, the Alameda County Library will lose $6 million over the next three years which will result in reduced hours, materials, services and programs at your library.

When faced with this issue in 1994, the California Library Association, library staff and community members across California came together to negotiate an exemption from the shifting of these local revenues for special district (a legal term – although we are in fact special) libraries, fire and safety departments.

Please help us in this effort. You can write Senator Perata and fax it directly to Sacramento – and – all of our libraries will be faxing centers for those of you who sign or write letters of support for the library. Since time is of the essence, our contacts in Sacramento have told us that this needs to be a fax and phone call based effort. Emails will not be accepted; snail mail is too slow.

Thank you for your help!


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